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Transparent. We’re not a fan of that word, are we? See, we associate transparency with vulnerability and well we just don’t like that.

You mean you want to know the real me? I have to let down a guard for you to see that. I have to open up and I’m not open to that idea.

We’re surface level. Can we help that? We’ve all been hurt before so it’s easier to just keep that door closed.

But is it?

We’ve believed it is, so much so, that we’ve convinced ourselves it’s easier even when we know it’s not. We’ve convinced ourselves that relationships were going to end anyway “when they knew the real me,” so it’s best that all they saw was all they ever got to see.

But what if that’s not true?

Yes, guard your heart. Certainly do. But is there not someone you can open up to? Let’s not confuse transparency with weakness. And let’s not confuse vulnerability either. I’m not saying run out with every secret. But really connect with people and mean it.

This kind of turned into a poem. Which is cool. 🙂

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