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Time and Wisdom

Psalm 90:12 (NLT) 

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.

This has become one of my favorite verses. And initially when I read it, I always thought it meant teach me to not take a second of my life for granted and teach me to make wise choices. All very true, but now I see it differently.

I see it as teach me to grow where I am now in life, so that I will be where I need to be in the future. That might mean something different to you depending on where you are in life. It might mean teach me the tools I need to know at an entry-level position, so that one day when I’m the vice president I can reflect on those lessons. It might mean teach me to learn in fifth grade so that I will be ready in sixth grade. Teach me to make the most of this relationship as we date, so that I will be ready for marriage.

Time is precious, and wisdom is priceless. And to fully appreciate them both, we need God to teach us how. Have you taken the time to learn your lesson today?

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