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The Restaurant


Imagine you are on Yelp. Write a review of the restaurant everyone is talking about. In the fourth paragraph, admit you’ve never eaten at the restaurant, but argue why your misinformed is still more important than the other reviews on the site.

I must say, I truly believe The Restaurant is the restaurant. The name of it speaks for itself. Obviously. Can you have a name like that and not be amazing? You tell me. It’s oozing with potential.

The Restaurant has pretty much any type of food you would like. Try their Italian selection. Try their Mexican food. Heck, go on and try their Chinese appetizers at least. Live a little. Enjoy yourself.

And don’t forget the drinks. What’s a good restaurant without a good drink? Not one, right? That’s what some would say and I believe that won’t be an issue for them at The Restaurant.

True, I’ve yet to experience the fullness of this place. I know the amazing variety there and I would find it hard to believe that all they have to offer is variety with no decent food. In other words, if variety truly is the spice of life, The Restaurant truly should meet and exceed expectations.

I look forward to my first full course at The Restaurant. The pickiest of critics have tried it and loved it. And believe me, I’m the pickiest of them all.

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