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The Issue with Christians

I was reading my Bible and when I sat and thought about John I said, “Whoa! He had a big responsibility!” John was to carry the gospel before Jesus and prepare the way for Him (Luke 1:76). But, that mindset of mine was an issue to me. It’s an issue for several Christians too.

Far too often I read the Bible and say, “Whoa, that’s quite a responsibility.” And shamefully I forget that I have the same one. As a Christian, isn’t it my responsibility to prepare the way that has already been made for Christ’s return by sharing The Gospel?

The issue is that we read the Bible too much and don’t see ourselves in it like we should. We read it and don’t see the very same responsibilities was have today, or the parallels of the same downfalls we face today, and the fact that we’ve actually been warned already. It’s been too many times that I’ve criticized Peter, ignorant to the fact that I’ve done worse. I claimed to know Christ and willingly, voluntarily even, sinned against Him.

I have read of Israel turning its back on God and been confused by His continual willingness to forgive them and bless them, only for them to do it all over again. Hasn’t He yielded the very same patience and forgiveness towards me? Has God not granted me yet another day knowing in advance that I still have to make a choice to do right or wrong?

Just as often I’ve read in amazement at the boldness of believers to preach God’s Word, as if He hasn’t given me the same power and Holy Spirit to do so as well.

Israel is God’s chosen nation. Peter saw who he really was and committed to being what God wanted him to be. And what of me?

An issue with Christians is that we want all the power and right to tell God what someone else deserves or what we deserve. Yet, we don’t want to use the actual power He has given us to do His will. I want to point the finger at Peter and Israel and criticize their mistakes, but I don’t want to own up to my responsibility.

When I think of all the times God has forgiven me and all the times I’ve gone out of my way to be disobedient to Him and He has still spared my life, I’d say I’ve gotten the best undeserved gift of all, salvation. As Christians, if we stayed mindful of that, there wouldn’t be an issue.

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