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Super Power

If there was one super power I’d kind of hope to have, it would be to have the ability to see into the future. I wouldn’t purposely try to see it all. I’d want to see the “good” parts really.

I’d want to glance ahead and see if I was married. I’d want to check on my career and my writing of course. I’d want to just do a little bit of looking around. I’d just want to be really sure about things.

But as I’m writing this I’m realizing, there’s no need to look ahead. Right here, right now, I have all that I need for the future I hope to see one day. I have God’s plan to obey.

God has a plan, and not just any plan, a perfect plan. And most importantly what I should hope to see in my future is God’s plan for my future. That’s not an excuse to not try, but even more reason to keep trying harder.

If I stay in God’s will and adhere to His plan there really isn’t much reason to look ahead, is there?

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