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STOP Promoting Sin

Wrong is wrong and sin is sin.

I’m sorry. I just can’t condone wrong behavior. I can’t condone it if my family or friends are doing it, and I can’t condone it if I’m doing it.

And I also can’t excuse it either.

We have to stop promoting things and calling it God’s plan when we were doing something that was out of His will.

God’s will is Holy. It is Wholly Holy. And because God is God He did take your mess and bless you. But by no means did He ever intend for us to do anything outside of His will and act like we were in it. When you had sex knowing you weren’t married you weren’t in God’s will. When you had that liter of alcohol and recovered the next day, you weren’t in God’s will. And when you mismanaged your money and God blessed you with a raise, you weren’t in His will. When you lied and got out of that jam, you weren’t in God’s will.

I have made many of mistakes. More than I care to admit that I have made. I’ve done some of the above, and I knew I was wrong. And all I ever wanted to do was justify what I was doing. But here’s the thing about me and sin/wrong. I know when I’m doing it.

Anything wrong that I’ve done, I either knew it before I did it, while I was doing it, or after I did it. And because I knew better, I do believe I am in a different boat. I do feel held to a higher level of accountability because I know better.

And I guess what I’m saying now is that people need to be held accountable, even when they aren’t holding themselves accountable. There are things that you cannot be OK with doing and promoting if you are living for God.

God can turn anything around. But wouldn’t it be nice if we gave Him less situations that need fixing and more that just need His healing? Wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t have to ask God to fix the mistake I made in sinning by not doing it? And wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t condone and promote those mistakes as if I was in His will when I committed them?

God is God. And God is good, but don’t ever for a second think that He is pleased with you being out of His will. And just remember that promoting all this wrong is not right. And whether we want to hold ourselves accountable or not, there will come a time when we have to. Are you ready for that day?

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