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Society- Some Kind of Problem

Eventually you have to mature and understand that there are just more important things in life. It just hits you. I get that people want to take a stand with the Oscars. I understand it. I get there’s a lack of variety there and it should be addressed. I support doing what you want. If you want to boycott, I get it. If you don’t want to, I don’t think you’re a bad person for not. I get it.

But while I was talking to my brother I really thought about it. There are just more important things in life. There are people who are homeless, there are people who are sick in the world. People are dying, people are being persecuted. And to think about people being upset because they don’t receive a nomination or accolade for a prestigious award for pretending to be someone else is just tough to place on a pedestal compared to what’s happening in the world today. It’s just not high priority to me when I think about everything else.

It says a lot about our society that we spend so much money and time on these things and not on real issues. Not to get in a financial debate and all, because I do believe there is a talent that comes with acting that is very expressive. I’m a TV/Cinema major so I obviously believe or believed in the industry, and probably seem like I’m going against my degree and years and money of teaching by saying this, but oh well.

It bothered me to say and know its truth that the person who plays someone who saved lives makes more than the person who actually did the saving. They get accolades for pretending to be the person who was the doctor that found the cure, or who was the soldier who gave his all. While the actual, real life person almost goes unrecognized. And then there is this attitude to be upset about the person who didn’t receive an award for being the character of a person that most people didn’t know about it. How do we praise the performance/portrayal of a lifesaver more than we do the actual lifesaver?

Is that not some kind of a problem?

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