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Have you ever written something and surprised yourself? Is there anything you’ve ever done and you look back on it and truly amaze yourself?

The other day, thanks to Facebook, a blog showed up in my memories. It was this:

Help us all to see the beauty in who You created us to be. Give us confidence in who You have envisioned us to be. 

May we find comfort in being nothing like anyone else. In not thinking like anyone else. In not believing like anyone else. In not looking like anyone else. In not understanding like anyone else. 

May happiness exude from the individuality of my being. May contentedness flow from the independence of my personhood. May blessings come from the acceptance of who God has created me to be. 

It really spoke to me. And I could not believe that I wrote it. In fact, I’m still searching for it’s true author. Seriously (ha,ha).

But, as hard as it is for me to believe it, I wrote it. And the good news is that I understand that while I may have typed it and shared it, God had His hand on it.

What I have realized in looking back on my writing (and what I have hoped for) is that the most profound things have nothing to do with me. And that’s the case in life. Any time something happens that causes us to be amazed, it’s God’s work. And truthfully, if you’ve never experienced it, then you have to ask yourself if you’ve been operating out of the Holy Spirit.

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