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Real Mothers

It’s humorous and sad to me that people don’t know what really makes a mother. Because you had a baby doesn’t make you a mother anymore than it makes a man father. You had a baby and if you’re not taking care of it you’re a momma at best.

I know people who are real mothers. They give up their time, their money, and their life to make sure the little ones in their life have every need met. That’s a mother. These people did not have their own children, but they have been a part of these kids’ lives from day one. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

I understand there is nothing like having your own child. I get that. But I definitely don’t think that people who did not birth their own children should feel as if they aren’t mothers. When you make the same, if not more sacrifices that these mothers do, when you give the same amount of time, if not more than these mothers, and when you would do anything for these kids all weighs more than biology.

Don’t feel like you have no right to celebrate Mother’s Day just because biology says otherwise. A woman who sacrifices for the well-being of a child is a mother to me. A woman who says no to her wants to meet the needs of a child is embracing motherhood. And a woman who consistently gives up her nonrefundable, priceless, precious time to be there for a child, no matter what, is a mother.

We should all be so thankful that motherhood isn’t limited to birthing rights.

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