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Purpose to Others

A lot of times we think about what situation we want God to put us in. We go ahead and come up with everything we want to get from it as well. But we usually neglect to think about what people God might want us to be around that only that situation will provide the opportunity for.

It’s not always a situation that you are to serve a purpose from, or not just a situation I should say. There are people you are to serve a purpose to, and there are people that are to serve a purpose to you as well. It’s not right to be out of place and not allow people to serve their purpose for you.

In other words, it’s not always all about a situation. It’s not always all about that situation’s purpose (it has one, no doubt), but sometimes it’s more about who you are supposed to serve or serve with. As unfortunate as the situation may be, it might be the only one that will provide you with the opportunity to be of service to or with someone else in that way.

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