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Psalm 55: 12-15

An example for my Bible class activity.


Who are your enemies? Is there any surprise when they mistreat you? Who are your friends? Have you ever felt betrayed by them?

These are the questions a person can’t help but ask when they read this passage. David talks about an awful experience he had when he was betrayed by a close friend of his. He shared his life with this friend. They went to church together. He trusted this person, and was betrayed by them. It broke David’s heart to have his friend stab him in the back.


It’s easy to feel hurt after being betrayed. People are only human, so we can’t help but let each other down sometimes. How do we fix this? How do we cope when this does happen? Well, we can look at ourselves and see if we’ve ever done something to hurt someone. And when we are hurt we can forgive the person and remember this one simple truth: Jesus has never betrayed us.

Testimony/ Devotion:

Amy found out there was a rumor going around that she and her boyfriend were sleeping together. Knowing that Sonia didn’t like her, she was positive she had something to do with the rumor. Amy was so mad she had no idea what she might do to Sonia when she saw her.

It turns out when Amy confronted Sonia, she found out the rumor started with her best friend Monica. Amy couldn’t believe Monica would lie about her. After all, they went to Vacation Bible School together, had sleepovers, and celebrated their birthdays together every year. How could she do this?

Food for Thought:

What’s the worst part about being betrayed? For me, it is the hurt of trusting someone and allowing them to get close to me, only to have them hurt me more and deeper than anyone else could. The worst part is being hurt, period.

How do we think God feels when we betray Him? When we hurt others we betray God. When we are disloyal to Him we betray Him. When we don’t keep His commandments, we are betraying God. Does this not hurt Him?

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