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Poetic Prayer

Jesus, I come here today

With more than I care to admit I need to say

With thoughts impure

Trying to replace Your cure

Dreams that failed

Because Your plan prevailed.

It was wrong of me

To want my will, I see

But I was mad at You

Why didn’t You do what I wanted You to?

Why couldn’t You stick with the plan that I had

It couldn’t have been all that bad…

I know the things that you won’t say

Your heart longs for me in its own way

Your wondering thoughts

My cure you fought

Dreams deferred 

Were failures, you concurred.

But My love is right

That, you can’t fight

I know you’re mad at Me

But I love you too much to let you be

Daughter, your plan wasn’t all that bad

It just wasn’t the best one that I had.

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