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Sometimes you need to let God know that you know He is in charge. It doesn’t have to be drastic. It just has to be a simple statement and a full heart of surrender to Him and only Him. You’ve got to completely surrender to His will.

We get too big for our britches every now and then. Every now and then I try to make my own plans and I try to move in my own way. Then once I’ve already done what I decided to do I try to send up a prayer to ask God to bless it for me. But my relationship with God is not supposed to work that way.

We must acknowledge that God is God and we are not, even if we already know it. God likes that we knew who He is. He wants us to let Him be in control. He wants those burdens we choose to carry. And He wants us to remind ourselves that He is in control.

God, I give You permission that You don’t need to do whatever it is that You want to do in my life that will most glorify and honor You. Amen.

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