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Nothing’s Stopping You

I must stop making excuses, especially invalid ones.

It’s pretty easy to blame other people for not achieving our goals. It sounds ridiculous when we say it and actually think about it. I mean, they are your goals. But we blame people, things, and circumstances when we don’t do what we want to or should.

So the other day I thought, what has God called me to do? And after answering that, my next thought was, has anything prevented me from walking in that calling?

Ask yourself the same thing. In the grand scheme of things, has anything prevented you from walking in the calling God has placed on your life? Seriously. It’s not like God gives you a calling and says well good luck! He fully equips you for it, right?

So, no was my answer. No one has stopped me from doing anything to glorify God’s Kingdom. Have people and circumstances discouraged me? Yeah! Have plans been deterred? Sure! But prevented? Not hardly.

Nothing has prevented me from my calling, except me. I chose to play instead of work. I chose to escape and flee than to stay and fight. I chose to do what was easiest and to blame. My excuses took the place of work. And I made poor decisions because the rich ones were too costly.

But now, I’m different. I realize that I don’t get to blame anyone or anything for not doing my part. And most importantly, I don’t get to make excuses for not doing it. There are millions of people in the world who’ve got that it. And thousands who want it. But I want to be amongst the ones who use it.

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