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No Cause, No Consequences

I was praying today and this morning one of those most logical things hit me. I thought about how much easier life would be if we didn’t do the things that we would need to pray for forgiveness for later on.

You know, if I didn’t commit that sin then I wouldn’t have to spend time praying that God will forgive me for it later on. I could focus more on praise and my current blessings, instead of feeling bad and needing forgiveness throughout the prayer.

I don’t have to pray that God will deliver me from a hangover if I don’t get drunk. I don’t have to pray that God will keep me from a pregnancy out of wedlock if I don’t have sex outside of marriage. I don’t have the need to pray against addiction if I never try drugs.

We’re all human. We all make mistakes, so it’s understandable that so many of these prayers do take place. But we also have to understand that so many of these prayers don’t ever have to be, if we don’t do these things.

In short, the way God presented it to me this morning was like this: You don’t have to pray against the consequences if you don’t commit the cause.

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