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Happy Monday!

Weird to say, right? Happy Monday. Monday is a day of dread, right? It’s the beginning of the work week, and the end of your freedom-filled weekend. Ugh, Monday is the pits. But does it have to be?

I think that most successful people have done one significant thing in their road to successfulness. I think they have learned to fall in love with Monday. Successful people see Monday as the beginning of a week filled with opportunity. They see Monday as the beginning of something remarkable.

Monday. Forget loving Friday. Monday is what you’ve got to love. Friday is easy to love. Monday takes work. And strangely enough I believe that it’s as simple as that. I think that learning to love Monday is the beginning of learning some of the simplicity of success.

I’m not going to lie. Monday is hard. Getting up early when you have to seems much harder than getting up early because you want to. Saturday I’m happy. Saturday I’m free. Sunday I’ve got church to replenish me. But Monday, I’ve got work to do.

I have associated Monday with work. But really, does work have to be bad? Can’t work be a good thing? Can’t Monday be OK? Sure it can. Successful people appreciate their Mondays. So, what am I?

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