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Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Right to be Tired

It’s hard being The Encourager. It’s hard having the right thing to say. You don’t always feel like being it. You don’t always feel like saying what people aren’t going to do and aren’t going to appreciate. Yet, you know you can’t stop. No matter how much you need it, you have to keep giving it.

Martin Luther King, Jr. probably felt this way day in and day out. He was probably tired. I’m talking about the good ol fashioned movement kind of tired. The tired that can only come because something great is about to come. That kinda tired.

Most of us haven’t experienced that tired. I’m tired from work and I don’t know why. I’m tired from frustration and I have no right to be. I’m tired from thinking and I haven’t even started acting yet. But, Martin Luther King, Jr. He was probably tired from all that and then some.

He was tired of second-class citizenship. He was tired of walking to the back of the bus after a looong day’s work. He was tired of threats. He was tired of mistreatment, of seeing his kids mistreated. What right do I have to be tired? I’m not threatened. I’m not belittled on a daily basis. I don’t have to fight “without fighting” for my rights. I’m tired without cause.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had to encourage in the midst of discouragement. Because he did, his encouragement continues to this day. He had to say the right thing because today we still need his words. He had to push and pull. He had to give good and get the worst.

In other words, he had to be too tired to quit. So what is my excuse? Am I really tired, or do I just feel like taking a break?

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