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Livin on a Prayer

Do you ever realize that you’re living on a prayer?

It hit me one day that I’m living off of a prayer someone else prayed. Someone else prayed that women would have equality, and I’m living off of their prayer. My grandparents prayed that I would have a better life than they had and I am currently living one.

I’m living off of somebody else’s prayer for me right now. My ancestors prayed for freedom. And they prayed that even if they couldn’t get it that their descendants would. There’s something to be said about that. And there’s definitely a reason they should be respected because of that.

So, if their prayers for me have been answered, that means that my prayers for others can be answered too. I can pray right now for the life of those that come after me. And I can be confident in my prayers because I’ve seen others’ prayers at work as well.

It feels good to know that I am being prayed for. And even for the people who don’t realize it, they need your prayers too. That atheist needs your prayer right now. That drug addict needs your prayer right now. That racist needs your prayer right now. Pray for them.

We’re all living on a prayer. Is anyone able to live off of yours?

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