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Like It’s Your Last

How do you live everyday like it’s your last?

Yeah, I know people would probably say you just focus on the good. Right? Or maybe they’d say you do what makes you happy everyday. Perhaps? Some might even say by not focusing on what other people think or say. Maybe?

How do you live everyday like it’s your last and not go overboard? How do you make sure you’re not doing too much in that perhaps final day?But, if it is your final day, how do you make it really count? How much is too much when living like it’s your last day?

I’m curious, Those of you who live everyday like it’s your last day, how do you do it? Is it an occupational thing, a relationship thing, or simply who/what you surround yourself with? Currently, I’m thinking it could be all three. Haivng an occupation you love, a relationship status you’re happy with, and people and an environment that makes your happiness fruitful.

So, I guess my next question is, how do you get those three?

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