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Lesson from a 5 Year Old

I asked my little cousin what’s his favorite thing in the whole wide world as soon his came to my room. And out of his mouth, almost as easy as breathing he said, “God.” Then he looked at me. And his look said, “Uh, duh. Isn’t yours God?”

I have been blessed this morning. One word.


It just sounds powerful doesn’t it?


If someone were to just walk right up to you and say, “what’s your favorite thing in the whole world,” how quickly would you spout out God?

My cousin is 5, and I just knew he’d say, TV or football. But, God.

He really showed me. He gave me this look like, “This is a stupid question. God is easily my answer, and he better be yours Chanel. “

And he’s right. I should’ve apologized to him for even thinking he would have a different answer.

God is the best and the most important thing in any life. He is all any of us need and should want. Even if you don’t believe in Him, your disbelief in Him doesn’t change the fact that He is still the most important thing in your life.

Chase made me think. If God is my favorite thing, why do I make him secondary in so many ways? Why do I watch TV instead of pray? Why do I not smile all day, honoring God, instead of complain?

If that’s how I treat my favorite thing, do I deserve it?

Of course not. But that’s God. Even though I don’t deserve Him, He never gives up on me. He sits with the hope that one day I’ll get things right.

And once I do, He rejoices.

He rejoices over me.  His favorite thing.

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