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Laziness has to be one of the most annoying traits a person can have. I have witnessed it firsthand and I have to admit, it turns my stomach upside down. I hate it! I hate the lack of effort people give. Ugh!

The thing about laziness is that it can take as much work as it does to do the actual task. I’ve seen people make so much effort to get out of doing a simple task that they could have done three times over while they were complaining about it. The task could have already been completed. After all, if you do it, it will be done.

Laziness frustrates me more than it does the lazy person. And the annoying thing is that they don’t care. They don’t care who has to pick up their slack. They don’t care that it’s a horrible trait. They don’t care, period.

The generations coming up have adopted this trait, and sadly I think it’s becoming more and more contagious. I just don’t get it. It’s foolishness to me. Why make so much effort to be effortless?

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