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Know Now What You’ll Wish You Had Known Back Then: Excerpt on Forgiveness

Forgiving People for their Negativity

Once you get going in life it is something you are going to have to do to continue to move forward, you are going to have to forgive all these people. Forgive all the people who have been too negative and the people who have wasted your time. Forgive the people who were unsupportive when you needed it most. Remember, most people will always have your back before you take the stand.

Forgiveness is still something I work on daily. It is really hard for me to deal with the negativity and wasting of my time, because I don’t get that back. A time waster has taken something that money cannot buy back. But in return, you are about to give something that money can’t buy either. Your forgiveness.

Without getting mushy I am going to tell you why forgiveness is important. You just aren’t your best self with un-forgiveness in any part of who you are. Un-forgiveness is negativity bottled up in you. It’s burdensome and no matter how you convince yourself it isn’t, it is.

As the cliché goes, it takes a big person to forgive. And it really does. Every good deed is that much less good because you’re walking around with animosity in your heart from something else. As you move forward, forgive. Forgiveness is progression. Forgiveness is sweet. As Mark Twain says, “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” Don’t let a flower be a bigger braver creation than you are meant to be.

And even if the people you are trying to forgive are negative, love it or hate it, you don’t have to be negative towards them. You can’t change someone’s emotions, but you can not contribute to their negative ones.

God calls us to forgive as He does. It’s my job to forgive and be done. Forgiveness doesn’t mean I have to be your friend. Forgiveness doesn’t mean I have to put myself in a situation for you to hurt me again. It means that I am going to look at you and this situation the way that God wants me to. Forgiveness is not forced involvement in a relationship. It is the aspect of love that God gives to you in order to move forward whether the person seeks your forgiveness or not. Changing events in a person’s life shouldn’t be a reflection upon my forgiveness for them if I’ve truly moved forward in forgiving them.

That is why God revealed this to me: My feelings and emotions towards other people attest more to my relationship with God than they do to their behavior towards me.

The way I respond to someone’s treatment is a greater reflection of where I am in Christ, much more than the way they treat me.

What does your treatment of other people have to say about who you are?

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