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I’m Whole

It’s a blessing to be in a relationship that requires accountability. It’s not easy holding yourself accountable. You either cut yourself too much slack or you’re too hard on yourself, but in a relationship you can hold each other responsible for their part.

I’m in a good relationship. I’m held accountable in it, and so is he. He gives me just enough leverage and just enough pull and push (and I could probably stand to give him more, truthfully).

But the best part of it all is that he holds me accountable to God. He prays for my relationship with God to grow as well as his. And it’s something neither of us has ever had, a relationship with genuine prayer for one another and a real focus on God.

It’s assuring to be with someone who wants God to be first in our lives and relationship. I love that he doesn’t want to be my world, but a part of it. I know I waited on God. I know that God prepared me for my relationship, and it’s a blessing to know God is what completes me.

I don’t complete my boyfriend and he doesn’t complete me. He’s not my other half, but an addition to my already whole in Christ.

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