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I’ll Be Happy

I just want to see people smile. Is that so wrong? People feeling happy makes me happy. Is that weird?

Society would probably say it is. Why be happy for someone else if you yourself aren’t happy with things right now? Right? Where’s the good in that for you?

And I would say that’s the problem with the world today. Most people are so fixated on themselves that they can’t imagine being joyous over anything but their own successes. It’s actually a pretty sad way to live. And unfortunately, it’s true.

Some people just don’t care about the happiness of others. And they certainly don’t care to see other people happy, especially if they aren’t. My question is, why? First off, what has happened in your life that makes you miserable to see mine going well? Secondly, if your life is going so good, why does it bother you that someone else’s is too?

If you have your happily ever after, why are you worrying about mine?

I dream of  a world where people support one another in doing well. We live in a fallen world so I know this can’t be. But does that mean that I can’t be supportive? No. Does that mean I can’t be happy for them? No.

So, I’m going to be happy for people who find true love. I’m going to continue to be happy for people who get promotions. And I’m going to continue to be happy for people whose family members have been healed, even if mine have passed.And you know what, it sure does beat the heck out of being mad.

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