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I am Victorious

Victory in Jesus isn’t just a good song that was written. It isn’t just a really good idea or fun thing to believe. It isn’t a set of simple words to make you feel better or stronger. It’s not just a catchy phrase for when times are hard. It’s actually a lifestyle.

It’s a lifestyle choice to live victoriously. It’s a consciousness to live everyday knowing that you’re fighting a winning battle in Christ. It’s life at it’s best and finest moment.

I have to remember I am victorious. And as the saying goes, “To the victor goes the spoils,” how true that is when it comes to God.

This morning I’m victorious over sin. I’m victorious over negative thoughts. I’m victorious over anything that would get in the way of me glorifying and honoring God.

This morning I’m victorious over myself. On this morning I’m victorious over yesterday. What happened yesterday does not hold a candle to what matters today. This morning I’m victorious over anything that would cause me to believe that I am defeated in a war or in a battle that You’ve already won the victory in.

I am victorious over this day.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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