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His Hands

Isn’t amazing what happens when God puts His hand on something? We pray God bless this, put Your hand on this, but I don’t think we always fully grasp what it means or how special it is. God spoke the world into existence. So it’s not as if He has to touch any thing or circumstance to change it or make it better, but He does.

When God puts His hand on it, it’s that much better. The LORD formed man from the dust of the ground (Genesis 2:7). Dirt is nothing, until God makes it something. When God touched the dust, the dirt, He changed nothing into something. Then God forms all these wonderful animals, and even takes a rib from man to make woman (Genesis 2:19-23).

Now, God could have just spoke this into being, but He chose to form it. He chose to put His hand on it, His stamp of approval. Isn’t that amazing?

No one can say that any other god they worship would be willing to touch them, but we as Christ followers can say that the one true God will touch us. He will touch our lives. He will touch our situation.

Doesn’t a God that is willing to love us and touch us, deserve our unending praise? Don’t you feel just a little bit better being reminded that God loves you enough to touch you? That what makes you special is that God formed you with His hands? That you were in His holy care?

You, were formed on purpose, for His purpose.




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