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God = Better

I wonder why I always settle.

When I can be so much better and have so much more why do I settle for so much less? Why do people choose to be their old selves when they can be revised?

When you’ve been the person you used to be, then you know there’s no excuse to be that person again.

When God is control I am a much better person. Things make so much more sense when I relinquish all control to Him.

I forgive better. I think better. I act better. Everything is better when I’m not in control. That’s no coincidence. Why choose to believe in coincidence when I can just believe in God?

God has called us all to live better lives than we do. He has set a path of greatness and righteousness for each one of us. We have to choose it. We have to choose to be better. We have to choose to leave our old selves behind. We have to choose to give Him all control.

And you know what, it’s okay to be excited about what God has in store for you.

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