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Garrett A. Morgan – Innovative

Innovative – featuring new methods; advanced and original.

Garrett A. Morgan paved the way for African American inventors. Some of his patents included a hair-straightening product, a breathing device, and an improved traffic signal. In fact, his respiratory device provided the blueprint for gas masks used in World War I.

In 1916, the city of Cleveland was drilling a tunnel under Lake Eerie, workers hit a natural gas pocket resulting in a huge explosion. The explosion trapped workers underground in the fumes. When Morgan found out, he and his brother put on breathing devices. They were able to save two lives and recover four bodies before their rescue mission was called off. Unfortunately, after this, people refused to buy Mr. Morgan’s products when they realized he was black due to the publicity of the rescue.

Garrett Morgan still decided to focus on fixing problems. He started focusing on everything from hats to seat belts to car parts. After witnessing a carriage accident, he created a new traffic signal, one with a warning light notifying drivers they would need to stop.

Mr. Morgan has saved many lives with his inventions. Many of his inventions were the start of several inventions we now have today. If you want to know what it truly means to be innovative, look up a list of his inventions and you’ll have an idea.

If you can be the best, then why not try to be the best? – Garrett A. Morgan

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