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Forgetting to be Happy?

Do we forget to be happy? I can’t help but think that we do. Somehow we can get caught up in all that is going on and all that comes with “new” that we forget to be happy about it.

The promotion we should be happy about, we immediately start overthinking. We start thinking about all the new responsibilities that come with it. That new relationships brings a new person who deserves your attention. That new car comes with a new car payment, right?

It feels demanding. You feel overwhelmed and you haven’t even gotten into the meat of things yet. How can you handle it all when the time comes?

That’s how my mind works. It overworks. And at some point I finally realize, this isn’t right. I am supposed to be happy right now! This promotion is a good thing! This relationship is a blessing! There was provision for this car!

Sometimes the very blessings we prayed for are the ones we receive and somehow we forget how to receive them properly. I honestly think that as much as I pray for blessings, I need to start praying for better receptivity too.

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