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Fitness with a Friend (Throwback Article)

What’s the hardest part of working out? The weights? The time? Or trying to do it alone? Ask anyone and they will have a different answer, but I know I definitely struggle with doing it alone. That’s why I am addressing fitness with a friend. It should be a movement of its own actually. Fitness with a friend is just like any accountability partner or support group. It is there to help and encourage you to workout.

Since there are plenty of reasons fitness with a friend is a good idea, we will just address some of the basics. One of the most important is motivation/encouragement. It is that much harder to do anything without any support or encouragement, especially workout. A friend is there to give you that extra push you need to hit the gym or the track. They are there to encourage you to hit that last set of weights, and to motivate you to walk that quick mile in the time that you both have. And your job is the same for them as well.

Another reason fitness with a friend works is that usually you have someone that has a similar goal too. It can be discouraging to set goals and not achieve them or not even feel comfortable with them. But if you have a friend that has a common interest you both can come up with workout ideas. You can benefit one another by getting out of a mundane workout routine. It will make working out a little more interesting.

According to studies have shown that new mothers who had a fitness partner got more exercise than mothers that did not. There was also a study stating that college students were more active if they had social support from friends and/or family. And people who received at least a motivating phone call were more likely to increase their physical activity after three months than those who didn’t receive any.

Having a fitness partner makes you more likely to join a gym as well. A lot of people simply just don’t enjoy doing things by themselves. Some don’t join gyms because they don’t want to do it alone. Having a fitness partner is an automatic courage factor. Perhaps, you will be more courageous knowing someone is not far behind. And you can also take this time to catch up with one another. Kill two birds with one stone.

Also, it is safer to workout with a fitness partner. Working out and being healthy is great, but safety comes first. There is no need to attempt an exercise that could be harmful without a spotter there. If you are working out with your friend, then they are already there to assist you in any necessary moves and vice versa. It’s a win-win for the both of you.

Lastly, pick a friend that is going to be dedicated. It does no good for you to struggle with being motivated to workout and then deal with them struggling too. Fitness with a friend is about being able to uplift one another on the days that one needs it a little more than the other. Pick someone with common goals, and pick more than one friend just in case you still don’t feel encouraged enough. When it comes to your health, there is no need to take any chances, for you or your friend.


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