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Film Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

I don’t do a lot of movie “bashing” because I’ve been told I don’t know how to watch movies like a regular person. I agree. However, this time I am going to make an exception.

I think the movie Exodus was the worst depiction of a Bible story that I have ever seen. I think that for Christians it’s extremely hard to watch Bible-based films and view them as only entertainment. Everyone has their own interpretation of Bible events. I understand that. But when Bible stories are being “brought to life” through film, it’s unfortunate to have to watch not someone’s interpretation, but a story I don’t even recognize.

As a Christian viewer, when a Bible story is being told completely inaccurate, it is impossible to say the movie is good because the story is so off. I have a degree in television and film, so from that standpoint I should be able to say whether the movie is at least a good film. In this case, as a Christian, the fact that the movie was completely and utterly inaccurate trumped my ability to critique the film as just that, a film.

I wasn’t one of those people out talking about how there aren’t enough black people in the film, and I still won’t be, because whether the film did or didn’t have enough black people in it is honestly the least of its worries.

A Bible-based story cannot do its best to take God out of the story and replace Him with logic. If you don’t want to stick to the biblical script, then “borrow” the idea of the stories. Granted, I’m not sure whether or not this movie was promoted to be one that you would take your church group to. In fact, I don’t think it was. But whether it was or not, there is a level of accountability that takes place when a person decides to tell a Bible story.

I really believe that biblical stories take more than just two hours or one season. No offense to any television or filmmakers, but it’s just so much to cover that it can’t get done in a limited amount of time. Realistically I know that that can’t be done, but it sure would be nice.

As for Exodus: Gods and Kings, at least you got the names right…

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