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Fear… Finally Home (Free Write)

I used to be afraid

I was afraid to fail.

And people say that most are just as afraid of success as they are failure.

I was.

People were right about that.

I was afraid of being outgoing.

But I was afraid of seeming closed off.

Spontaneity and me.

No thank you.

I was afraid of being a deep thinker.

I was afraid that when I actually spoke on what I was thinking people would be unimpressed.

I thought they’d think that the anticipation of my expression was greater than what I expressed.

I was afraid of having a job.

And I was afraid of not having one.

I was afraid of not being as good at that job as I should be.

I was afraid the job I wanted wasn’t out there.

I was afraid that people wouldn’t understand what I wanted to do.

I was afraid of just being who I am, I guess.

And I was definitely afraid to admit who I was.

I didn’t want to risk offending anyone.

But I’ve learned.

Fear can’t live here.

Eviction is in place.

There’s a vacancy for courage.

Welcome mat in place.

Open arms extended.

Hello success.

Hello risks.

Hello thoughts.

Welcome in job.

Well hi there, you.

You are finally home.

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