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Regardless of the matter, the same excitement I had today is the same I need for tomorrow. If I was excited about God doing a work for me today, I should still be excited tomorrow because He is still doing a work for me.

Nothing God does for me is because I deserve it. Nothing He does for me is anything I have earned. It’s just His love for me that He operates from. And if God’s love for me doesn’t excite me everyday, I need to figure out if I understand what love is. I need to figure out if I know who God is because He is love.

God loves me. He just does. Even in my mess, even in my disobedience, even in my sin, He loves me. He doesn’t love what I’m doing when I’m out of His will, but He still loves me. And if I was excited today that He loved me, then I should be excited tomorrow. If I was happy today that He was working, then I should be happy tomorrow because He is always working.

If I’m not excited about my Creator working out of love on my behalf, and doing things that I don’t deserve, I hesitate to believe if anything will excite me.

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