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Emancipate Me

So,we instead believe we are defeated without even entering the arena. And like a true Roman gladiator, when we finally step in, we step into our freedom or captivity.

Do you ever just feel trapped?

Do you feel like you are stuck in some alternate universe at times? Sometimes, you literally feel enslaved in your own life… You feel like a slave to your job, your family, and even yourself. There are those moments one awakens to and it’s just like, “Man! I want to be free, free from my thoughts, free from my fears, free from me. Just emancipate me!”

What people don’t really discuss about freedom and slavery is that the brokenness comes from mental enslavement. That even though there is no independence when physically captive, the true breakdown doesn’t occur until the mind is enslaved. Once there is a mental acceptance of the loss of freedom there begins the initial moment of accepting being a slave.

That’s why so many of us feel enslaved when we aren’t, but our minds are. Our minds tell us to…

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