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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

My brother asked me a big time question the other day. It was huge. And I have a newfound respect for him for it. He asked me what’s one thing I would want him to change in the new year… Can you imagine asking a sibling or family member that? They know you, like really know you. So they’re probably really going to shoot from the hip with the answer.

The thing that made me respect him for this is that I didn’t have the courage to ask the same thing. I was too afraid of the answer. I was afraid it was something I couldn’t fix. Something I wasn’t willing to fix. And importantly, something I hadn’t even thought of, signifying there’s more work to me that needs to be done.

Anyone who can openly say tell me what I need to fix always wins to me. Because it’s something that I can’t do. It’s hard for me to take criticism, because I am already overly critical of myself as is. I know my downfalls and the last thing  I really want to know is that you know them too.

But, we all have projects going on. We all have some bits and pieces scattered about. And we all need to be put back together a little bit. That brokenness is our testimony. So I guess I have to remind myself that if I want to be fixed, brokenness isn’t always the enemy.

The enemy is my indecision of whether or not I want to be fixed. And it shouldn’t be that hard to decide.

After all, our greatest testimonies are the ones we’ve lived.

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