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Do It Now

An interesting mindset we have is that once we get what we’ve always wanted, we’ll be able to do more. You know, once I get that promotion, I’ll be a better boss. Or once I get a little more money, I’ll be able to to help here or there. Once I get this or become that, I’ll be better.

But the question I have had for myself lately is why wait? Why wait to become a boss to bring the office staff donuts and coffee? Why wait to get a raise to invite someone over for dinner when I can just cut back now and save up to invite them? Why wait to be more encouraging as a leader when you can be encouraging now?

It’s harder for someone to trust that you will one day do these things then it is to know you’ll do them because you do it now. My boss probably won’t believe I’ll be more encouraging with a promotion if I’m not encouraging now. I probably won’t do much more for others as a manager than I was doing as an employee. Realistically speaking, we probably won’t do more when we get a new title or when we get more. Because if we would, we would just do it now.

In other words, let’s be immediate. Even Jesus told Judas to hurry and do what you’re going to do (John 13:27). Obviously, I’m not promoting betrayal or anything ungodly, but what I am saying is that we should certainly be immediate about being better. When you think about it, what are we really waiting for?

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