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Do It for the Vine

Jesus is the Vine and God is over the entire vineyard. We are only branches, BUT we are fruitful when we are in Jesus. Apart from Him we produce nothing. Apart from Him, we are apart from God.

When you went to work today, did you do it for the Vine? Did you go to work to glorify Jesus on your job? Did you write to honor Him today? When you rested today did you do it to honor Him? We have a problem with stating ALL the things we’ve done and wanting credit for them when they weren’t even done for God. And when some of what we do is what we are supposed to do anyway.

“Well I worked 12 hours straight today.” But, did you do it for the Vine? “I ran 10 miles today.” Yeah, but was it for the Vine? It’s great that you fed the homeless every month this year, but was it for the Vine?

I think we’ve created a notion that God should bless us for going above and beyond (and sometimes for only reaching the minimum of) the call of duty. There’s a reason God only asked you to do so much or so little, it’s because He knows what the vineyard needs.

Did you do what you did for the Vine? Did you produce for the Lord today? Whatever you did today, did you really do it for the vine?

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