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We want God to bless our decisions. We want Him to bless that job we applied for. We even send up a quick prayer that He’ll bless the job we already decided to take. And when we’ve already decided it’s like we say, “Oh God, did I not tell you about that one?”

“Oh God, bless this relationship I’m in. Do this God. Move here Lord. Open this door. Give me Your favor in this choice. Smile down on me here God.” We pray these types of prayers frequently and we tell God what to do.

Do for me Lord is what we say. I know, because I do it. Do for me first God, oh, and may You be glorified too. It sounds crazy to read doesn’t it? But it’s what we do. I’m always asking for God to do something wonderful with a decision I made independent of Him. And what I’ve just realized is that sometimes I don’t even at least have the courtesy to ask Him. I tell him.

We have a problem to solve here. We want God to pour down blessings upon the decisions that we chose to make, but we didn’t care enough to include Him in those decisions before making them.

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