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Crucify Him!

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I might not have been the one yelling, “Crucify Him.” But I very well could’ve been the one whispering, “Don’t tell her I told you…” in the midst of gossip.

I may not have physically nailed Him to the cross, but I did hang Him to the side when I wanted to sleep with my boyfriend.

I may not have beaten His back, but I did put Him on the back burner while I went to do this for the “last time.”

The point is, we can say what we want. We can cast all the stones we want. But we still make just as many mistakes as the people we read about. We have all the written documentation and warnings to know better, but do we do better?

I didn’t have to be there in person to crucify Christ any more than I had to have been alive for Him to die for my sins. So when I read my Bible and self-righteously hop into my judgment seat, it would be better if I got off my butt and got on my knees in praise.

Because honestly, I can’t count how many nails I’ve used as I hammered away with the lie that my sin isn’t as bad as theirs? I can’t count the times that I beat Him, when I hypocritically promoted my choices as better than others. I can’t count the times that I crucified Christ when I misrepresented Him.

Think about it, have you crucified Him?

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