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Creative Journal

You are a giant. What’s on your to-do list today?

  1. I need a bath. The lake just doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. Maybe I should find a nearby ocean. I need to go get lots of body wash too. Man that bill is getting expensive.

  2. I’ve got to exercise. Maybe I can use the football field to stretch across. I can at least do a few sit ups and push ups. Hey, it’s something!

  3. I better start dinner early. It takes a while to cook an entire cow worth of burgers.

  4. I should pull up a few trees at the house. It would be a nice surprise for my mom. She’s been wanting them down for years now.

  5. And lastly, I have to make sure I find some kind of magnifying glass. It is too hard to read on such small pages. They don’t make Bibles literally giant sized.

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