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The postcard’s from a distant country. The postmark on the stamp is local.

Have you been to this part of Fiji before? It is absolutely beautiful. I know it’s funny to ask that since you have lived here for years, but this place reminds you of how beautiful Fiji is no matter how long you’ve been here.

I think I know how they came up with the name, Fiji. F is for fantastic, because everything here has been that so far. I is for incredible, because the views are incredible. J is for joyous. I have felt nothing but joy and happiness since I’ve been here. And the last I is for ideal. It is the ideal vacation spot.

Well, I am running out of room on this card. Long story short, please visit soon! I would say even if you could only come for a day, but once you’re here you will only want to stay longer. After 2 days I usually want to come back home and even I am dreading leaving. You must come here soon. It is breathtaking.

Wish you were here my friend. This card doesn’t do the view or experience justice.

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