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What does being bored mean?

I’ve heard that far too much lately. “I’m bored.” “That gets boring.” No it doesn’t. You are boring. You’ve spent too much time focusing on what you want to do, and only you. That’s why you’re bored.

There is an entire Bible that most people have never read. And they’re talking about their bored. Even if you read the Bible 100 times, God will show you something different every time.

There are millions of homeless people and organizations that are begging people to volunteer. Millions of families need dependable babysitters. And people are talking about how bored they are.

Large portions of Americans are overweight, with no healthy diet or workout plan. And yet we’re home talking about how bored we are.

New blogs and books are written daily that are never read. New blogs and books need to be written everyday. And still, people are complaining about being bored.

Marriages are failing. People aren’t learning. People are unhealthy. Lives are being trampled on. Communities need leaders. Awareness needs to be brought to so many things. And we’re bored?

People aren’t nurturing their relationship with God. They’re not spending one on one time with Him. They aren’t praying. They aren’t praising. Yet, they’re bored.

I don’t understand boredom. To me, boredom sounds like there just isn’t enough to keep you entertained. I find it hard to believe that God could create all that He has and still not create enough to keep you from being bored. There are millions of galaxies that we know of, therefore plenty more that we know nothing about. Inventions are waiting on inventors. Yet, we’re bored.

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