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Birthday Compliments

There’s nothing like having a birthday. Who doesn’t want to be celebrated? I think even the humblest person enjoys being celebrated a little bit.

My students surprised me with a card days before my birthday. As usual, they brought tears to my eyes with the kind things they shared. And they brought reflection time for me too.

Why is it that we don’t see ourselves as kindly as others see us? Is it because we think we’re being humble? Is it because of such negative things that have been said in the past? Or is it that we genuinely can’t see what others see? I think it can be all of the above.

When I read that card, I really wanted to be everything that they said in my card. The question is, why didn’t I believe that I already was what they said? Shouldn’t my goal have been to just grow in what they already said I am? Why is our default to assume we’re worse than we really are? Is that a form false humility?

I know I’m probably being extra hard on myself right now, but it’s a fair discussion to have. Why don’t we just accept compliments and continue to grow?

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