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Be Happy

I think one of my biggest fears is being in a situation that isn’t all that great, but thinking it is because I’ve been in situations that were so bad. You know? Like you’ve found Prince Charming, but really he isn’t all that great, it’s just that you had been dating frogs for so long that he seems like he is. The same can be true with jobs. You’re in a situation where you make more money and have more benefits, but the hours suck and so does the job.

Bad situations take a toll on our happiness don’t they? They confuse us a little bit, and what people forget is that just because you were in a bad situation and are now out of it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are happy. I should wake up joyful everyday knowing that what does or doesn’t go my way does not happen for just no reason. And I really believe therein lies the trouble. Sometimes I think that I can be happier if I’m in a situation that is happy. While I believe that does help, that’s not all.

Happiness isn’t about standings. Happiness isn’t about jobs or relationships. Happiness has to do with you. And ultimately, it has to do with your relationship with God. I am outside of my mind if I think I can ever truly be happy without God. And that’s all I have to remind myself of.

That guy may not be Prince Charming, that job may not be better, and today might have been miserable, but God is the source of my joy. So that guy doesn’t seem so bad, the job isn’t the worst, and today something good did happen. I’m not saying settle for what you have or what you can get, but I am saying have the most important relationship with God, the best job as a Christian, and be happy you saw today.

Because the truth is, we have just as much right to be happy as we do to be sad. Fight for your right!

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