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Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Where do you get off having time to do that?

I’m thinking about us all here in America and with jobs I’ve had and different things. I’m thinking about people who come into your job mad that you’re not going to bend the rules for them. Even me, myself, speaking on the subject of ex-boyfriends and being upset about them and anything, like paying for gas when I have a car. I’m having to ask myself, where do I get off thinking that’s OK? Where do we get off thinking we get to be upset? Why are we thinking we even have the time to be upset about these things?

There are countries where people walk miles just to get water. There are countries where people are persecuted just for asking what a Bible is. There are countries where women still don’t have the right to speak up. I don’t have to deal with any of that. So why aren’t I more grateful for the time and life that I have outside of those things? Where do we get off feeling like we should be entitled to the right to be mad or sad or to complain about anything? Why do we feel like we have time to do any of that?

In the all too famous words, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

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