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Accountability Partners – Readers

I started to feel sorry for myself today. And as soon as I realized it, I had to shut it down. No sooner than I could try to muster up an attitude or put energy towards not encouraging myself, I had to shut it down. What was I going to solve by pitying myself?

It was a long day. So what? Somebody still had a longer day than I did. Get over it.

When I think about all that was accomplished today, and how it was accomplished, it was a dang good day. I had to have blood work done, and I only had to be stuck one time. If all else went wrong today, somebody out there knows how celebratory one stick in the arm is.

Was I really going to let my attitude overshadow this celebratory opportunity? How dare I?

I know that if I spent more time thinking about all the things that I know went right, I’d see everyday as the great day it was. I know if I spent more time thinking about the blessings I didn’t even think to mention, that I would see everyday as the great day it was. And I definitely know that if I saw all the things I couldn’t even imagine that God kept me safe from, that I would see everyday as the great day it was.

I’m so grateful for this blog and the people who read it. You all hold me accountable. As soon as I want to feel some type of way that is uninspiring and negative I think of you all. I think about how I write to you all about being and staying encouraged. And I love and hate the accountability that you and I have created for one another.

I hate that I don’t get to mope anymore, but I love it too, because I didn’t need to anyway. I love that I can be brutally honest and share that I’m struggling. And I enjoy the fact that in the same blog I have to see that same empty glass as half full because of our accountability.

I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t get to be upset. I don’t get to tell you to be encouraged through the tough times and not apply it to my own life. What I get to do is be honest, and be held accountable for that honesty.

Most people who want to kick a bad habit have what is known as an accountability partner. Well I had a bad habit of encouraging others and downing myself. With every blog however, that changes. In more or less words, what I am saying is, thank you readers for being my accountability partner.

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