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According to Your Faith…

I was reading Matthew 9 today. I read a different version than usual, and it really made the healing of the blind stand out to me. The scripture is Matthew 9:29 (NIV):

Then he touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith let it be done to you”;

That’s powerful.

It makes me wonder about my faith. If God were to say let this happen for you according to your faith, what would or wouldn’t happen because of my faith?

What would my faith be enough to get me? And what wouldn’t my faith be enough of to get me?

That’s tough.

That’s hard to think on. To think that we might actually be in our own ways. To think that the faith we lack is the reason we don’t have that job. The faith we lack is the reason we haven’t been healed. That faith we needed to believe God would make a way when the hospital bills hit just wasn’t there.

It just makes me wonder. When I’m in my own way, why am I asking God to do what He wants to do, if I’m still not going to do my part? It’s not that He doesn’t want me to have the best job. It’s not that He’s against my healing. It’s not even that He doesn’t want the hospital bills to be paid. It’s simply that He wants the faith to believe that He can do all that and then some.

Really, how often has my breakthrough been dependent upon my own faith?

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