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Birthdays are very special to me. You know, some people say it’s just another day for them. Well, not me. I always want my birthday to be special to me. I don’t want to see it as just some day because everyday should be filled with joy anyway.

God gives us the gift of a new day everyday that He allows us to see one. Why should I abuse that gift by treating it like it like I should have been given that day? There are many promises in the Bible, but none of them have to do with me being able to see 26 years.

I don’t deserve these years, and I for darn sure don’t deserve this wonderful life that I have been given. So, in knowing that, I have to do something with it. I can’t go on not deserving the life that I have and being mediocre with it. I owe every moment to God, and I know that I will still be in debt to His love. I’ll never give enough to match his grace. I can never work hard enough for His mercy. But I can live for Him.

God is love. God is grace. God is mercy. I know He is these things, because I know the things I’ve done. I know the things I’ve thought. And I know the person I have been. And because I know what I know about myself, I know what I know about God. What I know is that I could never earn the gifts that He has bestowed upon my everyday.

I am 26 years old today, and there is not one day in my life that I deserved to see, but grace.

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