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Life at 27. Well let’s see. Most people want their career. Probably marriage at this age. And their own home and car by now. A dream would be to have student loans paid off, or to at least be in a place where you can make payments without being hounded by the loan department, thus creating a sense of peace in itself.

I didn’t have any real plans for being 27. I wanted to be in my career. I wanted to be established financially, like the above. Marriage was cool, but not a necessity by that age. I wanted to be happy most importantly.

Well here I am. My career is…  well it is in developing stages of production. My finances are… well, currently under development also. Interestingly enough, the one thing I didn’t plan for is underway. I am engaged and I fully intend on celebrating my birthday with this last name for the last time.

Life at 21, planning, still can’t prepare you for life afterwards. Things you didn’t plan for will happen. Things you did plan, won’t happen. But the beauty in it all, is that God is never surprised by your life at any age. So today, I turn 27 with joy and happiness. I enjoy aging, seeking solace in the fact that God knows my life.

Life at 27. Let’s see.

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