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24 Not a second more That’s the whole amount Make it count

Is it me Or when you get older do you see That that 24 goes by fast If you’re not careful it’ll pass You by Time does fly

But what are we doing What do we have brewing Are we making plans Or are we talking about making plans Are we sitting in the stands Twiddling our fingers and hands

What are we waiting for We’ve only got 24 24 that’s it Then our bodies go in the pit

So what are you doing that will last What will continue on even after you pass If the answer, you don’t know Now is the time for you to grow

A day at a time with the next one unpromised Where is it written that you’re guaranteed more than this And when the hour glass is empty and time is up What will you leave behind in your cup

24 Nothing more This day Done the right way Could actually be worth more Than the past 24

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